New Website and Logo for TriHealth Brand

January 30, 2012

TriHealth announced the implementation of a brand advertising campaign with the goal of further strengthening the position of the health system in the Greater Cincinnati region.  A new logo was unveiled that represents TriHealth’s success, since its founding in 1995, at unifying, physicians, hospitals and communities to bring patients a higher level of health care. The announcement was made public Monday after a rollout to physicians, nurses and staff members over the last several weeks.

"Our new brand reflects today’s TriHealth that is nationally recognized as one unified health system of physicians, hospitals and communities working together to help you live better."
John Prout, TriHealth President and CEO 

“Today, we are refreshing our brand to reflect TriHealth’s success in recent years at building a strong, cohesive organization that provides our community the full continuum of best-in-class health care services,” said John Prout, President and CEO of TriHealth.

“Our patients want care that is easier to navigate and information that is easier to access. Our new brand reflects today’s TriHealth that is nationally recognized as one unified health system of physicians, hospitals and communities working together to help you live better,” added Prout. 

The Marketing Communications Department and their advertising agency Publicis, have been working together for months to reinvent the health system’s brand and logo. The logo resembles stained glass in order to capture our religious heritage of the organization and its three dimensional look reflects the depth of services TriHealth offers.

TriHealth has worked closely with physician practices to create more Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) than any other system in Ohio. PCMH provide patients with medical care as well as on-going wellness care, including education, appointment reminders and wellness tips. It has aligned skilled physicians, specialists, surgeons and staff to create specialty institutes initially in heart and cancer that offer focused best-in-class care so outcomes change for the better. It has invested in TriHealth Connect, the electronic medical records system that will help access accurate patient information no matter where a patient enters the system.       

New TriHealth Logo 2012

“This campaign is about much more than a new logo design. By more closely associating the logo with our facilities, partners and services, the logo shows the depth and breadth of TriHealth as a health care system with a rich history of high quality, streamlined coordinated care,” said Anjie Britton, TriHealth’s Executive Director of Marketing Services.

In addition to the brand campaign and new logo, TriHealth also launched a new website.  The new is a valuable resource for the community to connect to services they need that reside within the TriHealth system.  Users are easily able to find locations for doctors and services, as well as find credible health content, wellness guides, and a symptom navigator.  The new design reflects the new look and feel of the TriHealth brand and is built using leading-edge web development techniques.

The brand campaign also includes television commercials, radio ads, print ads and strategic marketing partnerships with the Cincinnati Reds and Xavier University. “This is more than a marketing campaign – this is who TriHealth is. Our physicians and employees are involved everyday in providing patient-centered care, leveraging every resource in the TriHealth system,” said Steve Schwalbe, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Communications and Public Affairs.

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