TriHealth Hope for the Holidays

November 29, 2012

TriHealth Women’s Services is launching a program to provide free mobile mammography for those in need called TriHealth Hope for the Holidays.

During this holiday season, the TriHealth Women’s Services Van is piloting a new initiative with plans to create an annual tradition. Through the program, TriHealth joins forces with local community agencies to provide mammograms to women in need during traditional holiday distribution days. The mammograms will be provided on TriHealth’s mobile mammography van. This year, local partners and events include the St. Vincent de Paul Coat Distribution on December 1, The Healing Center Cincinnati on December 5 and 13, and the Salvation Army’s Toy Shop on December 17. The mammograms are provided no-cost to women over 40 and are funded by grant dollars through the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The initiative is just one of the many ways in which TriHealth fulfills its mission to improve access to medical care for those in need.  Through the Parish Nurse Program, the Good Samaritan Free Health Center of Price Hill, and more, TriHealth makes healthcare accessible to people who might otherwise neglect their health due to financial difficulties.

“At the holidays, when so many of us are focused on buying and giving presents, there’s no better gift for TriHealth to give than the gift of good health,” said Nyota Stoker, coordinator of TriHealth’s mobile mammography program.  “For many women who are uninsured, finding the financial means for their own preventive care is not a priority, especially when trying to provide a warm coat for their children and to put a holiday meal on the table. We feel this is a wonderful opportunity not only for the women, but for us as well--to be able work with various community agencies who have graciously allowed us to provide our services during their events,” Stoker said.

Partner Date Map Link
St. Vincent de Paul Coat Distribution Saturday, December 1 1125 Bank Street, Cincinnati, OH 45214 
The Healing Center Cincinnati Wednesday, December 5  11345 Century Circle West, Cincinnati, OH 45246 
The Healing Center Cincinnati Thursday, December 13  11345 Century Circle West, Cincinnati, OH 45246 
Salvation Army Toy Shop Monday, December 17  600 Cincinnati Mills Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45240 

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