TriHealth Wins First Ever Wellness @ Work Award

October 26, 2012 -

Wellness at Work Award
Walter McLarty TriHealth Chief Human Resources Officer, Terri Hanlon, Chief Operating Officer TriHealth Corporate Health, Anthon Brooks, 2012 Chair of Foundation for Healthy Communities

TriHealth has been named the winner of the first-ever Wellness @ Work Award presented by the Foundation for Healthy Communities.  The award was presented at the 2012 Ohio Hospital Health and Wellness Promotion Conference in Columbus. TriHealth’s Chief Human Resources Officer Walter McLarty accepted the award on behalf of the organization.

“TriHealth is honored to be named winner of the first-ever Wellness @ Work Award,” said John Prout, President and Chief Executive Officer of TriHealth.  “The award acknowledges the hard work of our Lifestyles Department who work effortlessly with all of our health and wellness initiatives. We recognize that helping our patients live better starts with empowering our employees to live healthier lifestyles.”

TriHealth saves nearly $880,000 a year in reduced employee absences due to their focus on employee health.

The Wellness @ Work Award honors an Ohio hospital or health system for innovative and effective employee wellness promotion. TriHealth was an early proponent of employee wellness promotion, creating a Lifestyles Department in the 1980s as a step toward improving the health of the greater community. Efforts evolved into a comprehensive program that provides incentives for employee health care insurance premiums, helps employees with chronic diseases manage their conditions and encourages engagement in physical, intellectual, social and spiritual wellbeing to help employees and their families live a well-rounded, happy and healthy life.

The award winners were chosen by the Foundation for Healthy Communities Board following independent review or more than two dozen nominations by executives who volunteered from academic, business, health medical and nonprofit organizations.

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