Primary and Specialist Physicians

Mom and babyAt Good Samaritan Western Ridge, we have a comprehensive network of physicians with strong ties to Cincinnati’s West Side. The offices’ close proximity to a 24-hour emergency room and diagnostic testing affords patients convenient access to Good Samaritan-quality medical care and service.

Many of these physicians also have privileges and offer services at Good Samaritan Hospital, ensuring the seamless, quality care you deserve. Our physicians include four primary groups:

A Comprehensive Range of Specialties


Group Health 
513 246 7000
Jeffrey B. Raub MD


Group Health
513 246 7000
Lynette Enoch MA-CCC-A


TriHealth Heart Institute
513 861 1260 
TriHealth Heart Institute Physicians


Group Health 
513 246 7000
Rebecca W. Short MD

Ear, Nose & Throat

Group Health 
513 246 7000
Daniel E. CaJacob MD

Ear, Nose & Throat/Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Group Health 
513 246 7000
Kevin A. Shumrick MD

Ear, Nose & Throat/Sinus Diseases

Group Health 
513 246 7000
Seth Isaacs MD


Group Health 
513 246 7000
Andrew B. Chun MD

Cincinnati GI
513 233 4100
Mark A. Manegold

TriHealth Digestive Institute
513 794 5600
Manoj Singh MD

General Surgery

Group Health
513 246 7000
Kevin Grannan MD

Hand Surgery

TriHealth Hand Surgery Specialists
513 961 4263
Benjamin Kleinhenz MD

Internal Medicine

Queen City Physicians Internal Medicine 
513 931 2400
Richard M. Dammel MD
Ronald M. Gall MD
Dale J. LaHue MD
Gerald A. Palermo MD
Geoffrey A. Rose MD
Hana Winchester MD
Clinical Nurse Practitioners Jessica Hall CNP and Katharine Holm CNP


Group Health 
513 246 7000
Kim White CFNP

TriHealth Nurse Midwives
513 751 5900


Group Health
513 246 7000
Gretchen Brannan PA-C

TriHealth Orthopedic and Spine Institute
513 232 2663
James R. Leonard MD
Kevin E. Reilly MD
Christopher Ruhnke MD

Orthopedic Surgery

Group Health 
513 246 7000
Sambhu Choudhury MD


Queen City Physicians Pediatrics 
513 246 8900
Joseph M. Bailey MD
Amy F. Benge MD
Ernest Ciambarella MD
Robert J. Engelhardt MD
Sharon L. Harp MD
Libbey M. Spiess MD
Susan Strick MD
Michelle H. Zimmer
Kenneth J. Zwergel MD 
Clinical Nurse Practitioners Kim Benkner CNP and Monica Leonard CNP

Plastic Surgery

Loftus Plastic Surgery Center
513 793 4000
Michael D. Vennemeyer MD

Physical Medicine & Rehab

Group Health 
513 246 7000
Christine N. Smith MD
Sean Lynch PA-C

Podiatric Surgery

Group Health
513 246 7000
Danny P. Morgan DPM


Group Health 
513 246 7000
Mahnaz Saoudian MD

Vascular Surgery

TriHealth Surgical Institute
513 542 4200
Lawrence Bartish MD
Alexander Saba MD

Lohr Surgical Specialists LLC
513 451 7400
Joann M. Lohr MD

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