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The TriHealth Cancer Wellness Program is an eight week, twice per week small group exercise class for people  have completed cancer treatment. Participants will engage in activities designed to build muscle strength, increase endurance and flexibility, and improve functional ability. Research has demonstrated that exercising during and after cancer treatments has helped reduce the severity of treatment side effects, reduced fatigue and depression symptoms, improved energy levels and helped prevent unwanted weight changes.

Once a week, an educational program pertinent to one’s journey through cancer is offered immediately following the exercise session. 

Cancer Wellness Program - FREE

This exercise program is for anyone who is currently in treatment or has finished treatment within the past year.  This 12-week program combines twice-per-week exercise sessions with weekly educational sessions on a variety of topics related to cancer recovery. Physician clearance is required to participate in this program. 

Thanks to a generous grant from the TriHealth Cancer Institute, we are able to offer this program at no cost.  

"It is clear that one of the things that people who are going through cancer treatment or have recently finished really want is a way to feel better without taking one more pill. The TriHealth Cancer Wellness Program allows these individuals a chance to decrease their fatigue, pain, nausea, depression and sleep difficulties through exercise. And a happy side effect of this program is the opportunity for cancer patients and survivors to support each other while learning how to get healthy and decrease their risk of recurrence." -Lynne Brophy, Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist  

How to Register

A Physician Consent Form is required for entry in to this program. Call or email Karen Sims, 513 246 2622  to receive a program registration packet and/or have questions answered. If necessary, leave a message and you will receive a call back within two business days.

    Program Goals of the Cancer Wellness Program

    • Assess the participant's current level of fitness and ability to exercise
    • Create a safe exercise program individualized for each client designed to improve functional capacity and enhance their quality of life
    • Provide supervision to the participant while he or she is exercising in a group setting Introduce the participant to activities and habits which may improve survival and/or quality of life
    • Encourage the participant to incorporate exercise into their cancer survivorship plan
    • Offer support from certified cancer exercise trainers and other cancer patients/survivors taking the class
    • Potentially reduce the risk of cancer recurrence through participation in the activities introduced in this program

    "Research supports the fact that it is time to fight cancer and prevent recurrence through the adoption of healthy behaviors. Our Cancer Wellness Program is fun and an easy way to begin planning for a healthy future. With regard to cancer and many chronic diseases, there is no question that exercise is medicine."
    -Tom Arnold, ACSM/ACS Cancer Exercise Trainer  


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