Kate O'Hagan

Kate O’Hagan

From Skepticism to Surgery

When Kate O’Hagan told husband, Chris, that she wanted to have gastric bypass, his reponse was, “people die from that surgery.” But when he learned the facts at an information session a few weeks later, he not only enthusiastically supported Kate’s decision, he scheduled his own gastric bypass. 

The 252 pounds they’ve lost, combined, since their surgeries in 2007, have resulted in numerous lifestyle changes for the happy couple.

Chris finds he is able to get a lot more done in a day. “I used to carry a load of laundry from the basement to the second floor, then I’d sit and rest until the next load was ready. Climbing the stairs just wore me out,” he says of his life at 370 pounds. Now the time he spends waiting for the dryer is packed with other household chores. “I’ve become a great multi-tasker,” he says.

Kate no longer crashes on the couch after work. Weighing just 155 pounds, she gets home from her job and is ready to work in the kitchen. She loves poring through cookbooks. “We make 90 percent of our meals. Chris and I just love looking for new recipes.” The two were happy to learn that, post-surgery, their food choices weren’t as limited as they had feared. “There are lots of choices. It isn’t hard at all,” she says.

They both admit, however, that they would love a taste of their old favorites. For Chris, that’s Coca-Cola. “I’d really love to have one when I’m eating a burger or watching a game.” Kate misses Dunkin Donuts, “but I eat a sugar-free mini Reese Cup and it satisfies me.”

There are plenty of things about their heavier days that these two don’t miss a bit. “It was so difficult to bend over and pick anything up,” Chris remembers. “And cutting my toenails was just agonizing.” He also doesn’t miss the restless nights that accompanied his severe sleep apnea. And he is thrilled to bypass the elevator and climb the five flights of steps to his office each morning.

Kate doesn’t miss the overwhelming feeling when “everything hurt, my bones, my joints. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain.” Today she wakes with so much energy, she visits the gym four times a week in addition to working eight hour shifts on her feet.

Healthier and more energetic, Chris and Kate already have spent one vacation at Hocking Hills, climbing over rocks and into caves. “I never thought we’d enjoy ourselves doing things like that,” Chris laughs. “It has been an amazing transformation.”

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