Center for Simulation and Education


Our mission is to provide a wide variety of simulated clinical experiences to enhance the educational experience of our learners by challenging their critical thinking, judgment and clinical skills. These will occur in a safe and dynamic learning environment that will focus on teamwork and communication, resource management, patient safety and application of acquired knowledge. We will show respect & compassion for people of all races, religions and cultures in everything we do.

What We Do

The TriHealth Center for Simulation and Education, located at Bethesda North Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital, strives to enrich the educational experience of our learners by providing a wide variety of simulated patient encounters, with the goal of improving critical thinking, judgment and clinical skills. Each encounter will occur in a dynamic yet safe learning environment, where teamwork, communication and resource management skills will be enhanced.

Learners will be working in a simulated clinical environment. Every attempt will be made to enhance the learning environment to make it appear and feel as much like the actual clinical setting as we can make it. Though the equipment, supplies and personnel will not be exactly the same as your workplace, most of it will be similar and familiar. We understand some of the limitations of simulation, and acknowledge these factors may provide some distraction to a scenario, however, these should not diminish to overall learning objectives of any given scenario session.

Our Education Specialists will work with your learner groups to assist in the design and implementation of your simulation sessions to achieve all of your learning objectives.

We are physicians, hospitals and communities working together to help you live better.