TriHealth’s team of more than 30 board-certified and board-eligible hospitalists provide efficient, high-quality care – around the clock – to patients at Bethesda Butler, Bethesda North and Good Samaritan hospitals. A hospitalist is a physician who follows each patient's treatment and progress from the time they are admitted to the hospital until they are released. Hospitalists also:

  • Keep in frequent contact with the patient's primary care physician
  • Follow up on and order new tests
  • Adjust treatment plans as needed to ensure each patient receives the best care possible
  • Work with each specialist, nurse, and clinical hospital staff member to integrate patient care
  • Streamline communication to promote quality outcomes for the patient

What Does a Hospitalist Do?

  • See the patient in the Emergency Department
  • Admit the patient to a hospital room or the critical care unit
  • Coordinate care with each patient's primary care physician
  • Follow up on tests or order new tests
  • Begin or adjust a patient's treatment regimen
  • Respond to emergencies within the hospital
  • Answer any questions the patient may have
  • Help determine follow-up care after release

Medical Directors

  • StraderBryan Strader MD
    Medical Director, Bethesda North
  • BeermanStephen Beerman MD
    Medical Director, Good Samaritan

Bethesda North Hospitalists

  • Dr. Bey Janee Bey MD
  • CooleyDerek Cooley MD
  • Gretchen Christian DO HospitalistGretchen Christian DO
  • GrinfeldEugene Grinfeld MD
  • Katrina Hilder MDKatrina Hilder MD
  • HutsonJohn C. Hutson MD
  • JalilvandMasoud Jalilvand MD
  • Angela Knapke CNPAngela Knapke CNP
  • Michael Laugle MDMichael Laugle MD
  • Deanna Medley CNPDeanna Medley CNP
  • MooreBrett Moore MD
  • NagesparanSathya Nagesparan MD
  • Alison Neff MDAlison Neff MD
  • O'BrienRobyn O'Brien MD
  • PachmayerBryan Pachmayer MD
  • ParkerJason Parker MD
  • PatilMaithili Patil MD
  • Charbel Rjeily MDCharbel Rjeily MD
  • RoyaltyJonathan Cain Royalty MD
  • RudemillerMichael Rudemiller MD
  • Jeff Satchwell MDJeff Satchwell MD
  • Saxena MDSydney Saxena MD
  • Alicia Scheffer CNPAlicia Scheffer CNP
  • Brad Schultz MDBrad Schultz MD
  • Kimberlee Slusher CNPKimberlee Slusher CNP
  • Grant Springman MDGrant Springman MD
  • SultanTariq Sultan MD
  • VinalesGeorge Vinales MD
  • Jay Weeks MDJay Weeks MD
  • ZakemStuart Zakem MD

Good Samaritan Hospitalists

  • Dr. Javaria Anwar MDJavaria Anwar MD
  • CallirgosMarco Callirgos MD
  • Janice Carrazzozzella CNPJanice Carrazzozzella CNP
  • Lucinda Denton CNPLucinda Denton CNP
  • DuerkLauren Duerk MD
  • ErdegerErhan Erdeger MD
  • Carmen Grandt MDCarmen Grandt PA
  • HatfieldJason Hatfield DO
  • JavedArshad Javed MD
  • Vasiliki MarinakisVicki Marinakis MD
  • CarlosJuan Carlos Mejia MD
  • NajeedAnjum Najeed MD
  • Yash Rangan MDYash Rangan MD
  • RichardsonKenrick Richardson MD
  • SotosMichelle Sotos MD
  • SrivastavaGeeta Srivastava MD
  • VovanHouston Vovan MD
  • WangZhaohui Wang MD
  • Zhenchao Wang MD Zhenchao Wang MD
  • Jiang Wu MDJiang Wu MD

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