Robotic Surgery

 TriHealth Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is an effective, minimally invasive alternative to both open surgery and laparoscopy. For patients, this means less scarring and a faster recovery time with fewer complications.

In Greater Cincinnati, no one performs more robotic surgeries than TriHealth, which has been a pioneer in the field since Good Samaritan Hospital introduced the da Vinci Surgical System to the area in 2003. In 2007, we expanded this expertise further into the region by adding robotic surgery at Bethesda North Hospital. And in 2011, Bethesda North introduced SpineAssist, which allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive spinal surgery.

cancer care and robotic surgery

Robotic surgery enables surgeons to be more precise, advancing their technique and enhancing their capability in performing complex minimally invasive surgery. The TriHealth robotic da Vinci Surgical System replicates the surgeon’s movements in real time and cannot function without the surgeon’s input.

TriHealth robotic surgery can treat problems affecting the:

  • Heart: mitral valve repair, atrial septal defect repair, Maze procedure, epicardial lead implantation, coronary artery bypass graft, myxoma removal
  • Lungs: lobectomy
  • Thymus: thymectomy
  • Prostate: prostatectomy
  • Kidneys: nephrectomy, pyeloplasty
  • Bladder: cystectomy
  • Adrenal glands: adrenalectomy
  • Uterus: hysterectomy for benign conditions, cervical cancer and uterine cancer; myomectomy, sacrocolpopexy
  • Spine: scoliosis, chronic back pain, slipped vertebrae, pinched nerves

TriHealth Robotic Surgeons

Bethesda North Hospital Good Samaritan Hospital
Urology Urology
Aaron Bey, MD      Erik Kuhn, MD
Karl Braun, MD  
Phillip Buffington, MD  
Mark Delworth, MD  
Patrick Wirtz, MD  
Gynecology Gynecology
Alan Altman, MD Jack Basil, MD
Daniel Bowen, MD Catrina Crisp, MD
William Buckley, MD Scott Firestein, MD
CJ Condorodis, MD Sandy Gardner, MD
Jon Fackler, MD Terri Hoopes, MD
Stewart Friedman, MD Steven Kleeman, MD
Sarah Lewis, MD Margaret LeMasters, MD
Kevin Schuler, MD Amy Long, MD
James Sosnowski, MD Lee Lautman, MD
John Sullivan, MD Rachel Pauls, MD
Jennifer Thie, MD James Pavelka, MD
Lisa Yang, MD Gerard Reilly, MD
  Madeline Rose, MD
  Regina Whitfield, MD
General Surgery General Surgery
Robert Bradley, MD Joann Lohr, MD
Stuart Donovan, MD Alex Saba, MD
Bryan Ellis, DO Kevin Tymitz, MD
David Kirkpatrick, MD  
Gennaro LaBella, MD  
Jay Logeman, MD  
Thomas Maynard, MD  
Louis Thibodeaux, MD  
Cardiothoracic Cardiothoracic
Eric Okum, MD Karen Gersch, MD
  J. Michael Smith, MD
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