Faith at Work

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Faith at Work

Celebrating religious and spiritual diversity in the workplace can be a very powerful contributor to an inclusive workplace culture. Faith at Work will strive to connect people from diverse spiritual beliefs and backgrounds and increasing employee engagement.

Areas of Focus for Faith at Work

  • Provide a forum for team members of all religious backgrounds to interact and knowledge share.
  • Honor TriHealth’s spiritual heritage while respecting our rich diversity.
  • Educate team members on the traditions, origins, and practices of many religions.
  • Foster personal growth by allowing team members to bring their whole selves to work.
  • Serve the Greater Cincinnati community as representatives of TriHealth.

Presence in the Community

Faith at Work also aims to be active in the communities we serve, promoting the TriHealth Way in the Greater Cincinnati area. We will update this section as our group forms and community activities are planned.

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