TriHealth Armed Forces Group and Supporters (TAGS)

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TriHealth Armed Forces Group and Supporters (TAGS)


TAGS aim to support veterans of all branches within the armed forces. Members may be veterans, Reserve or National Guard members, family members of a veteran or simply an individual who desires to support team members. TAGS will provide insight to community needs, helps to strengthen the patient experience of veterans and supports the recruitment, and retention of veterans.

TAGS Areas of Focus

  • To provide support and identify resources for team members who have served in the armed forces, are married or related to a service member or former service member.
  • Provide information to employees regarding resources for the military and veteran community.
  • Foster a military/veteran environment within TriHealth’s organization and work with our military/veteran patient population.

Presence in the Community

TAGS will be active in the community we serve, by volunteering time to local events and functions and fostering strategies for engagement for underserved communities in the Greater Cincinnati area. TAGS has participated in the following:

  • Memorial Day Services
  • Disabled American Veterans 5k
  • Veterans Day Free Lunch Program
  • Wesleyan Cemetery Rejuvenation Project

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