A Hard Lesson: Get to the Doctor Before it's too Late

Doug Roush's father didn't go to a doctor until it was too late.

"His prostate cancer was so advanced that there was nothing the doctors could do," Doug says. His father passed away shortly after that in 2003. Prostate cancer: Learn more >

That was the wake-up call Doug needed.

Doug Starts Making Healthy Changes - for Life

"From that moment on I committed to getting regular physicals and staying in good shape," Doug points out.

Besides getting his regular physicals, Doug actively participates in the TriHealth LifeStyles Healthy Living program . He meets with his fitness counselor and gets his yearly screenings. One of these screenings showed high blood pressure and high cholesterol for which he now takes medication.

"I know I also need to be better with my weight, so I exercise regularly." A former runner, Doug now walks on a treadmill, ever since he broke his leg a few years ago.

He also drinks lots of water and "is trying to cut out soft drinks," he explains. He also gets in plenty of walking through his job as a Project Manager in facility Planning and Construction at Good Samaritan Hospital .

Doug is a strong believer in getting a regular physical.

"It's something I suggest all men do. I do not want a disease to choose when I die," Doug concludes.

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