Health Talk by TriHealth Podcast: Genetic Counseling and Knowing Your Cancer Risk

Recent advances in genetic testing are making it possible to customize treatment and prevention measures for individual patients based on their unique genetic profile.. In fact, the experts with the TriHealth Cancer Institute are leading the way in the use of genetic counseling to identify early warning signs of cancer and spot it much sooner than in the past. This not only helps increase the chances of successful cancer treatment, it can help prevent certain types of cancer altogether.

In this episode of Health Talk by TriHealth, David Lee, MD, a surgical oncologist at the TriHealth Cancer Institute discusses the role of genetic counseling, which may improve patient outcomes by increasing opportunities for early detection of many types of cancer.

We also speak with Linda Weibe, whose family has a multi-generational history of cancer. She is one of several members of her family who sought genetic counseling and was able to take proactive action against her risk of cancer before it struck. Linda is joined by Courtney Rice, a genetic counselor at TriHealth who first identified the genetic mutations which lead to cause for concern for Linda and members of her family and worked with them on a course of action to decrease their risk of developing cancer.

Health Talk by TriHealth is a monthly podcast to help you take charge of your healthcare and live a healthier happy life.

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