Latest in 3D Mobile Mammography Technology Can Be A Lifesaver

One in eight women will develop breast cancer, and early detection through screening can be lifesaving. TriHealth makes it easy for women to have a 3D digital screening mammogram through the TriHealth Mobile Mammography Van.

The new TriHealth Mobile Mammography Van debuted in November 2019 and offers the next generation in 3D technology – allowing TriHealth to continue our mission of improving the health of the people we serve by bringing technology to the community.

The new Siemens mammography unit, which is also offered at several TriHealth facilities, provides a unique wide 50-degree angle, as opposed to previous 3D technology with a 15-degree angle, allowing a wider capture radius to potentially catch more cancer indicators. These important advances capture more detail and enable earlier detection of even subtle lesions, providing the industry’s highest depth resolution and added breakthroughs associated with the comfort of screening.

“Mammograms are a non-invasive modality that has been proven to reduce breast cancer deaths,” said Tasneem Kaleem, MD, a radiation oncologist with the TriHealth Cancer Institute. “The advantage of consistent screening is that breast cancer can be detected early when it is most treatable. This not only improves survival but can help avoid longer and more extensive treatments.”

Dr. Kaleem also said that early breast cancer can be treated with a breast-conserving surgery called a lumpectomy, followed by a shorter course of radiation. More advanced disease may require a more involved surgery, such as a mastectomy (which is a breast-removal surgery), and/or a longer radiation therapy course that comes with more short and long-term side effects.

“So, the earlier, the better for treatment and outcomes,” said Dr. Kaleem.

Make sure to contact your physician right away in you notice any changes in your breast – a lump, skin changes, swelling, dimpling of the skin, pain, nipple changes or bleeding. However, some people may not experience any signs or symptoms, thus highlighting the importance of screening mammograms for early detection.

The TriHealth Mobile Mammography Van offers:

  • 3D mammography
  • Online scheduling for patients
  • Digital screening mammography with the same quality and care provided at TriHealth facilities
  • Convenient community and corporate screening locations
  • Courteous and knowledgeable breast health staff
  • Easy transfer of previous films
  • Spacious clinical exam room for patients

To ensure the safety of our patients, we are now booking in 20-minute blocks, rather than 10, in order to accommodate social distancing and cleaning between patients. This includes:

  • Wiping down all patient touch points with disinfectant after each patient
  • Check each patient’s temperature upon arrival to the van
  • Checking each patient for health risks regarding travel, flu-like symptoms, etc.
  • Require that all patients and TriHealth team members wear face coverings at all times
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