The Relationship between Diet and Prostate Cancer

As if you needed another reason to reevaluate your eating habits, more evidence shows the benefits of adopting a low-fat, Mediterranean-style diet – especially for men.

Prostate Cancer: How Fats Play a Role

Some studies have found an association between high fat intake and prostate cancer, particularly with red meat and high-fat dairy product consumption.

“Interestingly enough, the Japanese had a very low incidence of prostate cancer before WWII. Then, when they looked at all the Japanese that migrated to America after WWII, [they found that] the more Americanized their diet became, the higher their incidence of prostate cancer,” Mark Delworth MD, Medical Director of Robotics at Bethesda North Hospital, explains.

On the other hand, omega-3 fats found in certain fish, like salmon, sardines and fresh tuna, may be protective.

In General: If It's Good for Your Heart, It's Good for Your Prostate

While no measure is full-proof, a variety of lifestyle factors may play a role in lowering your risk for developing prostate cancer.

Dr. Delworth says exercising, getting plenty of sleep, practicing stress-reduction techniques, and eating a low-fat diet are the best ways to strengthen your immune system and protect against prostate cancer. “Whatever is good for your heart is good for your prostate,” he adds.

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