Are Some Type II Diabetes Medications Doing More Harm Than Good?

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Internal Medicine reports that taking multiple medications for type II diabetes – even insulin – may be doing more harm than good.

“It really is an interesting article and, if anything, it brings awareness to a disease component, or part of the disease, that doesn’t get much play time these days,” Michael Heile MD, of The Family Medical Group, tells Local 12’s Liz Bonis.

The Problem with Certain Type II Diabetes Medications

Researchers involved in this study stay those on certain type II diabetes therapies often gain a lot of weight and experience symptoms of low blood sugars, which makes their quality of life so poor that treatment may not be worth it. Dr. Helie says if you’re not happy with your quality of life now, to talk to your provider about changing your plan of care.

“If they don’t have complications already, it’s hard for them to tangibly think that this is going to help them, yet we do our best,” Dr. Heile points out. People often think of the immediate need, versus the long-term benefit. “We say, ‘This, most likely, will prevent the complication that will lead to even worse quality of life if you’re blind or on dialysis,’” he adds.

Dr. Heile also says dialysis for kidney failure, if you don’t control blood sugars early in life, won’t lead to quality of life later. He reminds patients: “We have great new products that cause very little side effects, compared to what we used to have.”

Ways to Manage Type II Diabetes Now

On the other hand, recent studies also show that exercising regularly and eating well can stop early weight gain in some of the other complications associated with type II diabetes.



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Last Updated: July 22, 2014