Doctor on Call: Neuropathy and Type 2 Diabetes

High blood sugar can have a damaging effect on nerves, which is why patients with type 2 diabetes are at higher risk of neuropathy in the feet – often leading to numbness, weakness, pain or in some cases the loss of the feet. But can neuropathy in the feet be reversed in patients with type 2 diabetes through lifestyle changes such as weight loss and better nutrition? That is the question submitted by Donna in Maineville to this segment of TriHealth’s Doctor on Call.

Tatyana Hamilton DMP, a podiatrist with the TriHealth Orthopedic & Sports Institute, answers this question and others including:

  • How your diet can specifically help control your blood sugar levels and impact your nerve health
  • The effect of weight loss on your blood sugar levels and the role of increased activity
  • What the goal should be in achieving healthy blood sugar levels

Doctor on Call is a segment in partnership with WCPO-TV featuring TriHealth physicians answering medical questions submitted by viewers to WCPO. You can submit a question here.


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