TriHealth Table Talk: Colon Cancer Screening

Direct to consumer genetic testing services can reveal genetic traits that put you at risk for certain health conditions, but did you know how limited that information can be? For example, fewer than one percent of colon cancer patients carry the gene mutation detectable by the popular 23andMe genetic testing service. The bottom line is, when it comes to colon cancer screening for at-risk patients, a colonoscopy is still the gold standard. The test can prevent cancer by detecting polyps before they become cancerous and it can increase the chances of survival from cancerous cells through early detection. Plus, because they are often covered at or near full cost by insurance, screenings can be a significant cost savings over diagnostic colonoscopies ordered once symptoms are present.

A panel of experts from the TriHealth Digestive Institute, covered this information and much more when they sat down for discussion on colon cancer on Facebook Live in recognition of Colon Cancer Awareness Month in March. Watch the video below as Nav Grandhi, MD, Peter Dryer, MD, and Ravi Juluri, MD provide more detail on colonoscopies, genetic testing and the detection and treatment of colon cancer.

This video was first broadcast March 20, 2019 via Facebook Live. Follow our Facebook page for more videos and health information.

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Last Updated: April 17, 2019