Know Your Numbers: Blood Pressure

Walter E. Donnelly MD, family medicine doctor at The Family Medical Group, discusses how he and his team are helping patients lower their blood pressure.

Measure up, Pressure Down

Dr. Donnelly and his team implemented a program called Measure Up, Pressure Down, a national initiative that aims to help patients lower their blood pressure.

While some people are maintaining a healthy blood pressure, most of the country is not. Walter Donnelly_200x“National goals are being met in the 40 to 70% range, across the country and by local doctors – including doctors in our own group,” he tells Local 12’s Liz Bonis.

Blood Pressure: What’s the Goal?

“For a patient without diabetes, it’s less than 140 on the top number and less than 90 on the bottom number,” Dr. Donnelly explains. “For a patient with diabetes, it’s 10 points lower.”

He says that if you want to lower your numbers, typically weight loss, salt restriction and exercise, will help you reach the goal range.

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Last Updated: February 05, 2013