TriHealth On Call: BASILICA Heart Valve Replacement

TriHealth offers a breakthrough new procedure called bioprosthetic aortic scallop intentional laceration (BASILICA) for patients who are at higher risk for coronary artery obstruction during valve replacement surgery in treatment of aortic stenosis.

BASILICA is a procedure where intervention cardiologists use catheters to slice the old leaflets of the valve, so when a new valve is put in, it doesn't obstruct the coronary arteries, lowering the risk for complications. The old valve is sliced and pushed aside by a tiny electrified wire and the new valve is placed inside of the old one. In this segment of TriHealth On Call, Puvi Seshiah, MD, and William Martin, MD, intervention cardiologists with the TriHealth Heart Institute share more information about this innovative procedure.

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Last Updated: February 14, 2019