Infectious Disease

Health Talk Live: COVID-19 Surge, The Delta Variant and Risk for Younger People

COVID-19 cases are on the rise in our community and there are growing concerns about the effect of the delta variant on community health. In this segment of TriHealth’s Health Talk Live, Local 12’s Liz Bonis speaks with Stephen Blatt MD, Medical Director for Infectious Diseases at TriHealth.

Dr. Blatt talks about what is driving the surge and how we can keep our loved ones safe. He also warns of the growing risk of severe illness in young people with the delta variant, as evidenced by a higher percentage of hospitalizations in that age group. He also reiterates the importance of vaccinations as nearly all current local hospitalizations due to COVID-19 are unvaccinated people and explains the level of protection vaccinations can offer against the delta variant.

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Last Updated: July 20, 2021