Infectious Disease

Health Talk Live: Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 and Why Vaccines are Still Important

Demand for COVID-19 has slowed down drastically, and we are well short of the necessary numbers for herd immunity, a concerning trend according to Stephen Blatt MD, Medical Director for Infectious Diseases at TriHealth. In this segment of TriHealth’s Health Talk Live, Dr. Blatt speaks with Local 12’s Liz Bonis about why many are still reluctant to receive a vaccine and what the risks are not only for the community, but for themselves. For example, Dr. Blatt acknowledges that many don’t fully understand that the long-term risks of COVID-19 are significantly more likely and severe than any concerns people may have about the vaccines. He points to the frequency of post-acute COVID-19 sequalae of many who have recovered from even mild cases of COVID-19 talks about some of the long-term effects of the syndrome that are having a greater impact on patients’ health than the disease itself. Many are experiencing these side effects months later. He also reiterates the importance of vaccination as public health mandates are lifted.

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