Cooking Demonstration for Stroke Patients

Patients who are recovering from a stroke often undergo a rehabilitation regimen to re-develop speech and motor skills that are impacted by the stroke. For patients of TriHealth’s comprehensive stroke program, this can include therapies to adapt everyday skills such as cooking and maneuvering around the kitchen in spite of limitations brought on by their stroke.

This video features Andrew Ringer, MD, TriHealth’s Chief of Neurosciences and a Neurosurgeon with our partners at Mayfield Brain & Spine; and Amy Graham , the System Stroke Manager for TriHealth Hospitals; who talk about the broad range of stroke and rehabilitation services offered at TriHealth.

It also features TriHealth Occupational Therapist Lisa Saunders and Registered Licensed Dietician Diane Dew, who discuss equipment and cooking adaptations suitable for patients recovering from a stroke. They also demonstrate a heart-healthy sheet pan recipe, which they cook in the new teaching kitchen in the expanded Good Samaritan Western Ridge.


Tags Nutrition and Eating , Heart , Neurology , Rehabilitation , TriHealth Table Talk