Hip Replacement Gives Mark a Joint That Works

As a surgeon, you know you're doing something right when a patient chooses you more than once.

The compassionate, high-quality care that orthopedic surgeon, Arnold Penix MD, offers is exactly what led Mark and Christine Barlow, of Maineville, to seek out his expertise when Mark needed his second joint replacement surgery in January 2013.

“Two years ago Mark had his right shoulder replaced and Dr. Penix did that, so when his hip started acting up, we went back ... Mark has some cardiac issues and kidney issues, so he’s difficult to work on. We’re fussy as to what physicians we go to," Christine explains. "He's just a very good surgeon." 

Extreme Pain Brings Mark Back to the TriHealth Orthopedic & Spine Institute

Mark visited Dr. Penix during the fall of 2012, when he began experiencing hip pain; however, Dr. Penix said it was too soon for surgery. 

Mark went back a few months later, because the pain was getting unbearable. “Walking was pretty much impossible – even with a walker or cane,” he recalls. From there, he scheduled his surgery for Jan. 30, 2013 at the TriHealth Orthopedic & Sports Institute.

Two days before surgery, he and his wife attended a two-hour instructional class. “It was very helpful,” Christine explains. “We didn’t do this with [Mark’s] shoulder [replacement], but we did do this with the hip, so we figured this was a new ‘something,’ which I liked!” She also mentions the “magic binder” they were given before his surgery. "This has all the pre-surgical instructions, phone numbers, general info and exercises ... we read it two or three times!"

Around-the-Clock Care Eases Anxiety

The integrated, continuous care of the staff is what impressed Mark the most during his three-day stay at Bethesda North Hospital. “The new group coming in, with their hourly spread, knew what was going on,” he says. “And, they could look at the white board to see exactly what was done and at what time ... coordinated care – that really stood out – regardless of the 24-hour clock.”

Patient-centered care is one of the many hallmarks of the TriHealth Orthopedic & Spine Institute. “The TriHealth organization is very physician-friendly in terms of management,” Dr. Penix points out. “In every medical organization, the most important thing is, really, the patient. I think TriHealth shares the physician’s understanding of that.”

Mark also appreciates how attentive his care team was during his stay. “I think I only pushed the nurse button twice in the entire three days.”

“And, once was because you sat on it by mistake!” Christine laughs. “They were very attentive.”

Now, just a few weeks after his surgery, Mark is feeling better than ever. “He’s done just fantastic. He’s gotten great relief of his pain and very rapid improvement of his function,” Dr. Penix says. “He’s a happy camper now.”

It's safe to say that Mark agrees. When asked how he’s recovering, he immediately responds with an enthusiastic, “Hooray!”

"We were impressed. Pure and simple," he adds.

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Last Updated: January 13, 2015