How to Relieve Stiffness in the Legs, Back and Knees

Karen Sims, one of the lead athletic trainers at the TriHealth Fitness and Health Pavilion, answers a Local 12 viewer question on how to relieve stiffness in the legs, back and knees.

Stretch to Relieve Tension

If you're experiencing chronic stiffness, the first thing you should do is check with your doctor to make sure you don't have any underlying medical conditions causing the tension.

From there, Karen recommends stretching twice a day. "The first thing I'd have somebody do is lay flat on their bed, pull their knees up gently toward their chest and kind of hold it there," Sims explains. "It will stretch through the buttocks area and lower back."

When it comes to relieving stiffness in the knees and legs, Karen says other muscle groups are important. "Because of the way we sit throughout the day, the hamstrings tend to be very tight, so that's probably the big one," she says.

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