Hyaluronan Injection Therapy Eases Knee Pain

Matthew Burton MD, a rheumatologist at Group Health, a TriHealth Physician Partner, explains the benefits of hyaluronan injection therapy.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, is the most common cause of knee pain. “Osteoarthritis is, fundamentally, a wear and tear of the cartilage,” Dr. Burton explains. 

Once that cartilage breaks down or wears away, it becomes defective and no longer acts as a supportive cushion or shock absorber for the knee.

Treating Osteoarthritis: Hyaluronan Injection Therapy

One of the latest treatment options for easing the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis is hyaluronan Injection therapy.

“I’ve been treating a lot of patients with this hyaluronan Injection therapy,” Dr. Burton says. “We take out the bad fluid and put in the good hyaluronan fluid, which is a clear, cushiony, shock-absorbing lubricant for the knee.”

Hyaluronan fluid also has a “memory” effect that changes the inside atmosphere of the knee joint, so it nourishes the cartilage of the surrounding knee tissue, and promotes the production of better tissue and joint fluid.

How Hyaluronan Injection Therapy Works

This therapy involves a series of three injections that take place one week apart. First, if necessary, the doctor removes excess fluid and then injects the hyaluronan fluid. Patients can expect knee pain relief for six months.

One of the biggest benefits for individuals who undergo this therapy is the convenience. “You don’t need to take those pills that hurt your stomach, or cause ulcers, increased heart risk or kidney trouble,” Dr. Burton explains. “You replace that medicine with these injection therapies.”

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