Is My Hip Joint Loose?

So you have an implanted hip joint, and now it’s loose – what do you do? Local 12’s Liz Bonis talks with Dirk Pruis MD, an orthopedic and spine specialist, in their Ask the Expert segment. 

Do I Need a Joint Replacement? 

If you experience hip pain, you might be a candidate for joint replacement. Common causes of replacement include:

I Think My Joint Is Loose:

If you have an implanted hip joint and it does become loose, Dr. Pruis says there are a few things you need to do: "The first thing you need to do is find out why the first replacement failed. There are many reasons for that, [including] malpositioning [and] loosening of components. Infection is a real common problem. Before you can formulate a treatment plan, you need to find out the exact reason that it failed in the first place."

Unfortunately, if you do have a loose joint, it will most likely need to be completely removed and replaced. If you notice it being loose, it’s important to see your surgeon; the longer you wait, the harder it will be to revise the joint.

Prevention Methods:

While joint replacement is an option, it’s important to remember there are things you can do to preserve your joints. According to Dr. Pruis, weight control and exercise are the two best things you can do for joint preservation.

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