Kealy Received Swift Medical Care on a Sunday Morning — Without and Appointment

When Kim Deaton’s 14-year-old daughter, Kealy Welage, sprained her ankle from a trampoline accident on a cold Saturday afternoon in March, she figured they’d play the waiting game. It was the weekend, after all, so Kim knew it wouldn’t be easy – or convenient – to schedule an appointment with Kealy’s primary care doctor.

Flash Ahead 24 Hours

Twenty-four hours later, the swelling didn’t go down – and neither did the pain. “I decided it was time to take her,” Kim recalls.

By this time, it was Sunday. Kim needed convenient care from a medical expert she could trust, so she headed to TriHealth Priority Care on Glenway Avenue in Western Hills. “I knew there were doctors on site,” Kim explains, which was her initial reason for choosing Priority Care over an urgent care. She also knew her co-pay would be the same as that of a primary care physician office visit.

Within minutes of arriving, she and Kealy were taken back for Kealy’s consultation. In addition to the convenience, Kim also appreciated the inviting atmosphere. “It was also just a really pretty facility. It’s not sterile. It’s really welcoming,” she points out. “The lady who took us back was very friendly and talkative with Kealy, helping get her mind off things.”

Priority Care is a One-Stop Shop

TriHealth Priority Care also has an X-ray machine on site, which means Kim and Kealy didn’t need to make an extra trip. A radiologist was able to read the X-rays almost right away, so Kealy received her diagnosis – a cortical fracture – right then and there. “The on-site physician can give you an immediate interpretation and a radiologist reading, usually, within less than 30 minutes,” explains Matthew Birkle MD, an Emergency Medicine doctor at TriHealth Priority Care.

And Kim noticed: “It was incredibly easy,” she says.

From there, Kealy was fitted for a boot to keep her ankle immobile until she could get in to see an orthopedic doctor. After spending two weeks in a cast, Kealy had healed and was ready to enjoy the spring months.

While no one ever wants to need swift medical attention, if Kim finds herself in this situation again, she’d head back to TriHealth Priority Care, without question. “The most important thing is that it’s an actual doctor that we saw … and, it saved me a couple hours,” she adds.


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