Pregnancy and Childbirth

Helping Babies Get to Their First Birthday and Beyond

For expectant parents, it’s no question that a pregnant mother and her baby should have the best medical care possible.

Some pregnant women, however, face external forces that negatively impact the care they are able to obtain, which can make it hard for them to have a comfortable pregnancy.

When proper care and guidance is inadequate or unavailable to pregnant women, the chances of pregnancy complications, preterm birth and low birth weight in infants are greater. According to the National Institutes of Health, preterm birth and low birth weight are the second leading cause of infant mortality in the United States.

The State of Ohio and the City of Cincinnati, in particular, have some of the highest infant mortality rates in the nation. “We are at the forefront of trying to address the infant mortality crisis in our city,” says David Dhanraj, MD, Medical Director of the Faculty Medical Center.

This is where Good Samaritan’s Faculty Medical Center comes in.

The Faculty Medical Center, which is the primary training site for the Good Samaritan Internal Medicine and OB/GYN residency programs, is the main site of care for much of the highest-risk population in Cincinnati.

The goal of this clinic is to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective maternal and gynecological health care, giving maternity patients access to things like perinatal care coordination, a Centering pregnancy program and breast feeding services – all of which they may not have had easy access to otherwise. 

By providing expecting mothers access to this kind of health care, the Faculty Medical Center is able to contribute to the reduction in preterm births in the Greater Cincinnati area; ultimately lowering infant mortality and helping babies reach their first birthday.

“Every woman deserves to have a healthy outcome in their pregnancy, and sometimes it’s harder for patients to get that support,” says Kristin Coppage, MD of Good Samaritan Women’s Services. “The Faculty Medical Center is attempting to create programs that allow the patients to not have to be so concerned with these external forces - so that they’re able to really concentrate on their pregnancy.”

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