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Team At McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital Makes Family Whole

Things were going as planned for the expecting Julie Jolliff in late June when she checked in at McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital to be induced for the birth of her second child. Julie and her husband, Mike, soon welcomed their daughter, McKenzie, to the world.

Shortly after Daniel Stein, MD delivered McKenzie, Julie began to hemorrhage. She was rushed to the operating room for an emergency dilation and curettage procedure, also called a D&C. The thinking was the placenta had grown into her uterine wall.

“I had great care throughout the process,” says Julie. “When I woke up, I had a horrible headache. After having that headache for three days, I began to hemorrhage in the middle of the night.”

As a result of hemorrhaging, it was back to the operating room for Julie. “During both instances, I didn’t know if I was going to make it,” says Julie. John Harlan, MD performed an emergency hysterectomy.

“I’m extremely proud of our physicians and team members here at McCullough-Hyde for the exceptional care they provide each and every day,” said Brett Kirkpatrick, McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital Executive Director Hospital Operations. “We are honored the Jolliffs’ family entrusted McCullough-Hyde’s team to support them during this time.”

Julie is thankful for the team at McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital for bringing her new baby safely into the world and saving her life – twice.

“I was given incredible care. My nurses, doctors, everyone,” says Julie. “I’m incredibly thankful that they were quick on their feet, showed us love and kindness and helped us be a family again.”

Julie and her family expressed their appreciation to the staff at McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital recently by hosting a breakfast for everyone who helped care for her during her stay.

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