Pregnancy and Childbirth

The Midwifery Difference

Certified nurse-midwife Linda Brackett has been delivering babies for more than 16 years. Women who come to her at TriHealth Women’s Services Midwife Care can expect expert, family-centered medical care—and a hug if they need one. This personal approach is the cornerstone of care at the new West Chester location as well as TriHealth Nurse Midwives in Clifton where time-tested midwifery services merge with physician-led obstetric and gynecologic care.

“I love the experience of being able to bond with our patients and come to know their families,” says Linda, noting that nurse-midwives spend extended one-on-one time with patients. “We really form a deep relationship.”

A Range of Care

Though nurse-midwives are known primarily for their pregnancy and childbirth expertise, they also provide a range of other women’s health services. Licensed nurse-midwives provide limited primary care and work with women throughout their childbearing years and past menopause., including routine gynecologic checkups. They prescribe medications, order tests and make referrals to specialists.

Linda, who has a master’s degree in nursing with a specialization in midwifery and is licensed by the state of Ohio, works collaboratively with obstetrician-gynecologists from TriHealth Women’s Services Comprehensive OB-GYN. Together, they provide care for women before, during and after pregnancy.

The two practices occupy one large space at 5900 West Chester Road, with a shared waiting room and separate patient suites. Onsite laboratory ultrasound services help practitioners identify health problems efficiently and are convenient for patients. A large meeting room accommodates educational offerings, such as classes in childbirth preparation, breastfeeding and parenting.

Hospital Deliveries

Babies are delivered by nurse-midwives and physicians at TriHealth’s Bethesda North Hospital, known for the comfort of its private rooms and the state-of-the-art technology of its renovated Level II nursery. Patients at high risk and those who may need the clinical resources of a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit can be cared for at TriHealth’s Good Samaritan Hospital.

Sara Lyons, M.D., is one of six board-certified OB/GYNs who have joined forces with TriHealth’s new midwifery group. “This is the first full midwifery practice to deliver at Bethesda North Hospital,” she says. “This gives patients a new option close to the hospital. Sometimes patient’s birth needs change as labor progresses. A patient who planned on having a vaginal birth may require a Caesarean section or develop complications. That’s when we step in. Our new combined location gives patients choices in maternity care from a shared staff of midwives and doctors.”

Physicians at TriHealth Women’s Services Comprehensive OB-GYN include doctors with decades of obstetric experience. Several have treated generations of families—delivering babies of moms who they also delivered years before..  

Honoring birth plans

“We want women to have the best possible birthing experience, and we work hard to fulfill their personal birth plans,” says Linda. There are numerous alternatives for labor that she advocates, including birthing balls, birthing positions, massage and water therapy.

“Midwives encourage parents and their support people to participate actively in childbirth,” explains Linda. “Patients are welcome to bring music and aromatherapy—anything to create a comforting environment. We stay by each patient’s side throughout all stages of labor and delivery, helping her breathe and push through pain, and providing physical and emotional support.”

After delivery, nurse-midwives assess mother and baby health, promote skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding, and offer guidance about newborn care.

For Linda, the birth experience is sweeter the second, third or fourth time around—when expectant mothers return to her pregnant with another child. “Seeing families grow and knowing I am part of the experience is overwhelming,” she says.

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