What World-Class Surgery in Cincinnati Meant to Matt

"When someone is told they have a pancreatic neoplasm, or possibly a pancreatic cancer, literally their life spins on a dime," says Thomas Maynard, MD, a TriHealth HepatoPancreaticoBiliary Surgeon. "I mean it's a life-changing moment for them."

That was true for Matt Tomaszewski, who went in to the doctor for unusual abdominal pain and left with the knowledge that he would need to undergo a complicated surgery called the Whipple procedure.

"It was a very, very scary, upsetting time," he says.

But, when Matt was introduced to Dr. Maynard and the potential to undergo minimally-invasive, robotic-assisted surgery - his outlook changed a bit.

"We were all so confident [that] the best place for me in the world was to be where I was at, with the surgeon that I was at, and to try to get the procedure done [with robotics]," Matt says.

Instead of having to travel far away from his family to have the Whipple procedure done with advanced robotic-assistance, Matt was able to stay in Cincinnati and get a world-class procedure in a place where he felt comfortable. And that made all the difference for him, his family, and in his recovery. Watch Matt's full story above.

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