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Keep Your Weight Loss on Track With Mobile Apps

If weight loss is a journey, how do you stay on track? This is a simple question to ask, but not as easy to manage. According to Jennifer Heyob, BSN, RN, with TriHealth Weight Management, there are many different options to help you thanks to the fast-paced world of technology that we live in today.

“Mobile apps have been a popular choice with many of our patients to help them track their progress before and after surgery,” she says. “They are also useful to those pursuing non-surgical weight loss options or people simply looking to improve their overall health and lifestyle.”

Here are a few apps Jennifer recommends:


Baritastic is one app that allows you to work toward your goals by setting reminders and timers to take your vitamins and track your water intake. You can also keep a photo time line to help you stay motivated.


MyFitness Pal

MyFitness Pal is another common app that patients use. With MyFitness Pal, you can build meals and recipes, scan food barcodes and track your exercise.



Another app that can help you set goals and join an online community for extra support is LoseIt! Continue to search for the avenue that works best for you and don’t be shy to try something new.


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