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Feeling Like Herself Again: Jennifer’s Story

For Jennifer Ranz, it didn’t matter how much she weighed or what she wore to hide it, the birth of four children, the last two being twins, had taken its toll on her midsection in the form of a significant amount of excess skin that she could do nothing about.

“The skin just kind of hung there,” she says. “I was very self-conscious about it and would even pull my pants up and over to try to hide it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was simply not comfortable in my own skin.”

Despite her anxiety over the excess skin, Jennifer had concerns about addressing it, until seven years after the birth of her twins, when she decided it was finally time to do something.

“I just wanted to feel more like myself again,” she says.

The decision to consider a surgical option led Jennifer to a visit  in October, 2017 with William Tobler, Jr., MD, a plastic surgeon with the TriHealth Cosmetic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center. After an examination and consultation, they decided together that Jennifer’s best option would be a tummy tuck - a surgical technique used to remove excess skin and fat in addition to tightening of the abdominal muscles to create a smoother, flatter tummy area.

Jennifer admits that after years of putting off the decision, she was still nervous, but after her consultation with Dr. Tobler, she knew she was in good hands.

“He clearly explained everything about the procedure and what I could expect during the recovery,” she says. “After meeting with him I felt at ease and had complete confidence in his abilities.”

Dr. Tobler performed Jennifer’s procedure in January, 2018 at TriHealth’s Good Samaritan Hospital where she says she received great care.

 “I knew I would have to stay the night and I knew I would be a little sore,” she says, “but the staff really helped to keep me comfortable. Everything was wonderful.”

Following her recovery, Jennifer is thrilled with the results and finally feels like herself again.

“After all those years, I don’t even think about it anymore,” she says. “It’s very freeing. I can wear whatever I want. I can even exercise however I want without that skin getting in the way.”

The procedure was a success and she is satisfied with the results, but Jennifer does have one regret.

“I just wish I hadn’t waited so long,” she says. “I’d tell anybody similar concerns to go ahead and at least schedule a consultation. Then you can decide if it’s the right fit for you. If it is, go ahead and do it.”  

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