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What’s the One Thing You Should Eliminate from Your Diet?

“I think the worst thing to eat, and the simplest thing to eliminate is pop,” says Geoffrey Rose MD, an internal medicine doctor at Western Ridge Internal Medicine.

While the ease of removing pop (or soda, as it's sometimes referred) from your diet is debatable, the health benefits of doing so are clear. Drinking sugary beverages increases your risk for obesity, which in turn, puts you at a higher risk for a variety of health issues, including type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure – among others.

Similarly, pop is both dehydrating and it increases your thirst, instead of satisfying it.

On the other hand, drinking diet pop won’t get you off the hook, either. “There is some indication that drinking diet soda can also be a problem because of the stimulation it does in the brain to make your body want to eat more,” Dr. Rose warns.

Cutting Pop: What’s the Real Benefit?

Dr. Rose says when people cut pop from their diet, especially those who drink multiple cans a day, they see drastic benefits. “Almost instantly, you can see a decrease in their blood sugar – by 50 to 100 points.”

Eliminating pop and other sugary beverages is also an easy way to manage diabetes.

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