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Romanian Deadlifts: The Benefits and Proper Form

The squat may be one of the single most important exercises you can do, but when it comes to lower-body movements that develop overall strength and balance, it’s not the only option. While the squat is the most common “pushing” exercise with a lower-body focus, its counterpart, the Romanian deadlift is the most common “pulling” exercise. The movement isn’t the only difference, as Romanian deadlifts really target your posterior chain – or the muscles in the back of your body from your ankles all the way up through your shoulders.

While the movement is simple, proper form is important for Romanian deadlifts for preventing injury and maximizing results. In this video, one of the fitness experts from the TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion demonstrates proper form and multiple options for completing Romanian deadlifts.

This video was originally broadcast via Facebook Live by the TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion. Follow their page for more videos and fitness information or to catch the next live broadcast.

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Last Updated: September 06, 2018