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Doctor on Call: Meeting Your Needs Across a Continuum of Care

With many patients seeing a variety of physicians and other health care providers, it can be a challenge to be sure all of their needs are being met. That is the topic of the question submitted by Nora in Cincinnati to this segment of TriHealth’s Doctor on Call. Nora asks about finding medical case workers to help manage multiple physical medical issues.

Nora’s question is answered by Randy Curnow, MD, an internal medicine specialist with TriHealth and President of the TriHealth Population Health Organization. Dr. Curnow discusses the importance of using a primary care provider (PCP) to ensure all needs are met across a patient’s continuum of care. He explains how now more than ever, with the emergence of population health, PCPs are incentivized to make sure patients are having all of their needs met and he shares some of the resources available to them in support of this goal.

Doctor on Call is a segment in partnership with WCPO-TV featuring TriHealth physicians answering medical questions submitted by viewers to WCPO. You can submit a question here.


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