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TriHealth Good Samaritan Free Health Center Providing for People In Need

The Good Samaritan Free Health center discusses how they serve our community onf Local 12's Newsmakers segment, March 26, 2017.

The Good Samaritan Free Health Center, which opened in January 2011, has helped thousands of uninsured, non-Medicaid/Medicare-eligible adults find a medical home to receive regular primary health care. The goal is to provide uninsured adults in Hamilton County, who are at risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension, the medical care they need to enjoy a higher quality of life. The free health centered is powered almost entirely by medical professionals who volunteer their free time. On a monthly basis, anywhere from 200 to 225 volunteers give medical care to those in need, who aren't covered by insurance.

"Not only do we offer general medicine and family practice, we also have a number of volunteers who are specialists," says Linda Smith-Berry, manager of the center. "So we can offer dermatology, rheumatology, GI disease, infectious disease, endocrinology [and more]."

To see a full list of the services that the free health center provides, visit their page. If you're interested in volunteering as a medical professional, the free health center is a great place to give back to the community.

"It's a medical mission close to home. People like to go on medical missions. You can come and practice at the Free Health Center and have the same experience," Berry-Smith says.

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