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End-of-Life Conversations: Why They’re Important

Learning a loved one has only a few days, weeks or months to live is sad, stressful and emotionally exhausting. However, as Chief Marketing Officer at Hospice of Cincinnati, Janet Montgomery reminds people it doesn’t always need to be. “Let us take care of you. Let us honor who you are. Let us support your mom and your dad. Let us take the burden,” she tells Local 12’s Liz Bonis.

Conversations of a Lifetime: Start Them Now

Many people consider end-of-life conversations taboo, but Janet encourages you and your loved ones to start this dialogue now, noting that everyone has choices about where they want to die and the quality of their life at the end of it.

Hospice care experts have created Conversations of a Lifetime, a website featuring ideas and suggestions on how to make sure others know your personal wishes about dying.

“Everybody is going to die. It doesn’t have to be a horrible death. It can be a good death, and while it’s sad, it can be quite joyous as well,” Janet points out. “Being able to say goodbye is such a gift. Most people don’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to the one’s we love.”
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