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New Food Labels are Here - What to Look For

CH_FoodLablechangeNew nutrition labels for all the food we purchase will be in place by July, 2018. The previous labeling laws have been in effect for more than 20 years, and it’s time for a change. The new labels will be easier to read and will make figuring out calories, serving size and fiber and sugar content a lot easier.

Vitamins C and A will no longer be listed on the label because Americans are getting enough of these in their diets. But vitamin D and potassium are critical elements of which we are not getting enough, so they will now be shown.  Iron and calcium will remain on the labels.

There will also now be a section labeled Added Sugars. This might seem confusing, but it means sugars were added during processing. For example, applesauce contains plenty of natural sugar because of the sugar already found in apples. Still, some brands may add more sugar on top of that. On the new label, you will be able to tell what occurs naturally and what has been added.

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