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Heart Disease: What Women Need to Know

Stephen Lewis MD, a cardiologist at the TriHealth Heart Institute, discusses common symptoms of heart disease in women and offers advice on screening.

“Heart disease is the number one killer for women,” Dr. Lewis points out. “If the woman cannot be active without being limited by shortness of breath or tiredness and fatigue, then that would be of concern for heart disease.”

Other typical symptoms a woman with heart disease may experience include:

  • Pressure, tightness or aching in the chest
  • Heartburn

Screening for Heart Disease in Women

“For healthy women who are over the age of 55, a simple evaluation by her primary care physician would be appropriate,” Dr. Lewis explains. A typical screening would include:

  • Having your blood pressure taken
  • Tests for diabetes and cholesterol
  • An evaluation of other risk factors, including inactivity, obesity and family history

Heart Disease: Dr. Lewis’ #1 Tip

Dr. Lewis reminds women that finding professional medical attention is always the safest bet. “Seek attention immediately for any unusual symptoms that seem to be out of the ordinary. Go to your doctor and sort out the issue.”

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