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Is 3D Digital Mammography Right for Me?

Video: Susan Weinberg MD explains who may benefit from 3D digital tomosynthesis.

Every woman is unique in terms of the shape, size and density of her breasts, so when it comes to mammography screening, each woman's experience should be personalized according to her breast type.

“If you have really dense breast tissue, you’re probably going to benefit more from 3D mammography than you are 2D, because we’re able to see more,” explains Jacqui Appel, manager of Breast Imaging Services at TriHealth.

3D Digital Tomosynthesis: What is It?

3D digital tomosynthesis is an advanced screening that generates a series of thin, high-resolution images, allowing doctors to view a woman’s breast one layer at a time.

Using a digital mammography machine, with an additional arm that sweeps in an arc over the breast, tomosynthesis creates images that are one-millimeter “slices” of the breast, revealing information that can be hidden in standard digital mammograms. “So, for women with dense breasts, 3D is superior,” Jacqui adds.

Benefits of 3D Mammography include:

  • Improved visualization of breast tissue
  • Better ability to detect more and smaller cancers
  • Decreased recalls for additional tests
  • Less worry for you
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