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Meet the 2016 March for Babies Ambassador Family: The Jennings

TriHealth is the proud sponsor of the annual March for Babies Ambassador Showcase. The following story was contributed by Rob Jennings, of the Jennings family - the 2016 ambassador family.

In 2003, our daughter, Aubrey, was born prematurely at 36 ½ weeks with no complications. In 2005, 24 weeks into a normal pregnancy, Tara went into labor due to problems with the placenta. Ethan was born a few hours later and lived for 10 hours before he passed away. 

After suffering the loss of Ethan, we were eager but scared to try again.

By April 2006, we were expecting and due December 8, 2006. The first 15 weeks of pregnancy were normal and not considered high risk, even though we were very anxious and worried. While on vacation, Tara started bleeding. An ultrasound revealed issues with the placenta and Tara was advised to limit activity. At 22 ½ weeks she started dilating and had an emergency cerclage; Tara stayed in the hospital in the Special Care Obstetrics floor for the next 11 ½ weeks. She received weekly progesterone injections to prevent preterm labor and two rounds of steroids.

We also learned we were having a boy and named him Aidan, although we didn’t share the name with anyone. At 34 weeks, Aidan’s lungs were not developed enough and Tara was advised to remain hospitalized for two more weeks. A few hours later, contractions started and the cervix was dilating. The doctor continued to administer magnesium sulfate in hopes of stopping labor. 

Aidan had other plans.

On October 28, 2006, Aidan Patrick Jennings entered the world, weighing 4 lbs. 14 oz. Tara held him briefly before he was taken to the NICU and treated for jaundice and fed through a tube, while learning to suck and swallow from a bottle. After 2 ½ weeks in the NICU, Aidan was cleared to go home. Today he is an active 9 year old who loves sports and enjoys playing with his friends.

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Last Updated: April 06, 2016