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Pregnant with Twins? Weight Facts You Need

If you’re pregnant with twins, you expect them to be, well, twins – or at least have similar characteristics. So what if your babies' weights differ throughout your pregnancy?

“We call this ‘discordant,’ which is when the babies' weights start to separate,” Stephen Schuermann MD, of Samaritan Obstetrics and Gynecology, explains.  “If it starts getting above a certain threshold – usually 20 percent different – that’s an indication for bed rest.”

If your twins have growth discordance, your doctor will likely order you to have an ultrasound every two weeks, as well, just to keep a closer eye on things.

My Weight: What’s Normal?

Dr. Schuermann said about a 40- to 45-pound weight gain is healthy for women pregnant with twins, assuming they go full-term.

The amount of weight a woman would gain varies, but he says the main cause for concern would be if the weight of your baby is negatively impacted. Throughout pregnancy, your baby’s weight is compared to a national percentile. “If baby is on the small side and mom’s not gaining enough weight, at that point, we’ll actually have the patients meet with a dietitian to really kind of look at what you’re eating,” Dr. Schuermann explains.

In many cases, patients are eating enough calories, Dr. Schuermann says, but they’re not eating the right portion of carbohydrates, fats and protein, so a dietitian would outline meal and snack plans so you can gain weight at a rate that’s healthy for you and your baby.

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