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Rachel's Story: She Hadn’t Been to a Doctor in 15 Years

Rachel Young wishes she had started mammography sooner. Young, 42, a realtor and mother of two teenagers in West Union, noticed one morning last year that her right breast “looked awkward. It was dimpled and bruised, and the nipple was going to the right. It was so strange.”

She hadn’t been to a doctor for 15 years—“since my last child was born”— but she scheduled a mammogram for a month later, in December 2014. That was followed by a biopsy that found not one but two malignancies—one an invasive ductal carcinoma, the other a noninvasive form of the same cancer. She began chemotherapy first to attack the invasive cancer; in the week following her mammogram it had already grown. “They pushed me to start quickly, and I am glad I did,” she says. She had chemo through April, and then a double mastectomy in June. That was followed by radiation this September. “It has been stressful, but I sure am thankful,” she says. “It has worked out great.”

She admits that before her ordeal “I hadn’t thought about having mammograms. My mother had them regularly, and I don’t know why I didn’t. My two sisters haven’t either, and now I am constantly stressing they have one done. My six nieces, too.”

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Last Updated: January 08, 2016