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Should Younger Women Get Mammograms?

A recent study in the Journal of Cancer compared the difference in diagnosis of breast cancer 30 years ago, with mammography, to what medical experts are finding now. "We're finding more [cancer] – and it's early, and we can do something about that," Angela Beckes MD, a radiologist doctor at TriHealth, tells Local 12's Liz Bonis.

In general, Dr. Beckes says it's important to give women options to have early mammography screening if they want. "If we find breast cancer early in you, the treatment is very effective," she points out. "We can cure you. We can save your life."

The Takeaway: It's Critical to Find and Treat Breast Cancer Early

This research also found that even when they adjusted for other factors that contribute to more breast cancer discovery, researchers found that those who had mammography earlier were able to find breast cancer at earlier stages, which is crucial to saving lives.

This means that when you consider the rise in breast cancer rates due to changes in the environment, reproductive health concerns, genetics and even obesity, there was a 37 percent decrease in late-stage breast cancer diagnosis, compared to 30 years ago.

"These women that we're finding breast cancer in are in their 30s and 40s. They're school teachers. They're moms. They have one-year old babies. These are young people," Dr. Beckes says.



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