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TriHealth Patient Believes Midwife Care Leads to Higher Birth Weight

Katie Losekamp was already the mother of four healthy children when she sought out the care of the TriHealth Nurse Midwives for her fifth pregnancy in 2013. Now a mother of six, she advocates for midwifery care and increased birth weights.

Katie Wanted a Personal Connection with Her Caregiver

Although her first four pregnancies were smooth and uneventful, Katie wanted a stronger connection with her caregiver. Through online research and conversations with friends, she decided to enlist the help of a midwife who she felt could relate to women’s needs on a more personal level – and that's what she got. 

Katie found that she had more in-depth conversations with her midwife regarding nutrition and other pregnancy concerns because of longer appointments. "I love that time is taken to answer my questions. I never felt rushed," Katie says.

During the development of her birth plan, Katie and her midwife discussed natural childbirth and other birthing options. "I really appreciate that I was encouraged to have a birth plan. That's something I had not experienced with an OB," Katie says. Although Katie chose to, once again, receive an epidural during labor, she appreciated the opportunity to explore options. "Cindy was wonderful with my last birth two months ago! She worked around what I wanted and I had a labor and delivery that I am happy with," Katie says of her last midwife, Cindy Brunsman MSN, CNM. 

Katie Believes Her Care Team's Focus on Nutrition Lead to a Higher Birth Weight


Both her fifth and sixth babies were delivered by the TriHealth Nurse Midwives and each weighed approximately 8 pounds. Her first four children weighed about 6 pounds each. While she can’t conclusively attribute bigger babies to the midwives, she does believe that the stronger focus on nutrition and personal care contributed to the higher birth weights.

She remains committed to midwifery care and will continue to see the midwives in the future; she's happy to share her positive experience with other expectant mothers.

Nurse Midwives: What Makes Them Different

TriHealth Nurse Midwives consists of a team of highly trained medical professionals who provide comprehensive health care to women from adolescence through childbirth to maturity. Midwifery is rooted in advocacy and support for socioeconomic and cultural diversity, promoting individualized care that addresses a broad range of women's health needs.

Women seen by TriHealth Nurse Midwives give birth at Good Samaritan Hospital, which is regionally recognized for its comprehensive care, including high-risk pregnancies and births, features a world-ranked Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and offers an experienced maternity department with more than 7,000 births per year.

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Last Updated: October 01, 2015