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Triplets, Born Less than 2 Pounds a Piece, Revisit the NICU

John Herrmann, of Everett, Wash., recently brought his three daughters back to Cincinnati to visit the city of their birth. An important stop on the journey was a visit to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Good Samaritan Hospital where the girls began their lives 19 years ago.

John and his wife delivered their triplet daughters Kaitlin, Chelsea and Hannah on March 3, 1996, three months premature and tiny. The babies weighed just 1.1, 2.1 and 1.7 pounds each. "It was scary, obviously, being as small as they were," John recalls.

At the time of their birth, the idea of co-bedding multiples was new. Hospitals around the country were studying the effect on weight gain with premature infants. With the encouragement of the Herrmann family, the triplets were co-bedded at Good Samaritan NICU and thrived. (The Herrmann's lived in Cincinnati at the time.)

After an almost three-month stay, the Herrmann girls were sent home healthy and growing. Now, years later, all three girls are college students and pursuing careers in health related fields with two planning careers in nursing with an interest in caring for premature infants.

"Good Samaritan Hospital was an enormous blessing to us. God used Good Sam in a way that I can never repay. I'm so thankful," John says.

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Last Updated: November 04, 2015