Ask the Expert: How to Find a New Doctor

Ask the Expert: How to Find a New Doctor

Niemeyer_200xLee Niemeyer MD and Farzad Mazloomi MD, of TriHealth Group Health, answer a viewer question on finding a new physician and transferring medical records.

How to Find a New Doctor

Tip #1: Ask for a Referral

One way you can find a doctor is by asking a friend or family member, which can be beneficial because the individual already knows how his or her doctor practices.

Tip #2: Schedule a New Patient Appointment

You can also ask to schedule a new patient appointment. “It’s really just kind of your comfort level,” Dr. Niemeyer tells Local 12’s Liz Bonis.

“You want to feel welcome. You want to feel warm. You want to feel like your questions were addressed.”

Tip #3: Research Online

Dr. Mazloomi suggests researching a doctor online based on your personal health needs.

Transfering Medical Records to a New Doctor

If your medical records are online, they can often be transferred electronically. "Sometimes, it will actually have to be a paper record that the patient can bring in with them," Dr. Niemeyer points out.

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