Ask the Expert: What is the Fluzone Vaccine?

Ask the Expert: What is the Fluzone Vaccine?

Stephen Blatt MD, president of Good Samaritan Hospital’s Medical/Dental Staff and TriHealth’s medical director for infectious disease, discusses the “Fluzone” vaccine and how it’s different from the standard flu shot or nasal spray.

The “Fluzone” Vaccine: What is It?

“The vaccine itself has about four times as much killed flu virus in it as the standard vaccine, and it looks like that will increase the levels of antibodies two to three times what the standard vaccine will do,” Dr. Blatt tells Local 12’s Liz Bonis.

However, whether this vaccine will offer better protection from the flu is unknown. “Those studies won’t be available until 2014,” Dr. Blatt points out. The “Fluzone” vaccine was originally developed for older adults who have difficulty developing an immune response.

Stephen Blatt_180xFlu Protection: Which Vaccine Offers the Best Protection?

“What we’re all hoping is that the new vaccine will help protect the elderly a little better than the standard vaccine, but we don’t know that yet,” Dr. Blatt explains. In the meantime, unless a health care provider recommends a “Fluzone,” he says the standard shot or mist is still your best defense.

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Last Updated: January 07, 2013